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Krishna Dance (Blue)


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Lord Krishna was radiant and divine, and would often clothe himself in regal attire to impress all the Gopis (milk maids). Upon seeing Lord Krishna, the Gopis would marvel at the beauty of his radiance and aura. Before Krishna would attend the Raas Leela, the Gopis would do his makeup as an act of love for their lord. The Gopis loved Krishna, and Krishna loved them. They would often spend time at the park where Krishna would play his flute and the Gopis would flow with his music through their dance. This historic tradition continues today in the Brij region where you will see little children dressed up as Lord Krishna and the Gopis.

The photos depict Lord Krishna through the eyes of the Brij children.

Credit – Sonu Sharma also known as SK. Gaurav, plays Krishna in the photos.

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