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PoA is an eco-friendly NFT and community token platform
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We accept crypto and credit card payments.

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What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital unit of data stored on blockchain technology that is unmodifiable, easily transferable, and traceable. When you buy an image, audio, or video file, the NFT serves as a digital deed or certificate of authenticity that verifies the copy you owns the original digital file. Non-fungible means they are not interchangeable so much of their value comes from scarcity.

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Allman Brothers Band’s Eat A Peach Artwork
Brand New Studio: Brij Lok Kala Foundation

Brand New Studio: Bri...

Brij Kala is an art form that comprises music, dance, singing, and painting based on Lord Krishna’s life, his leelas (divine play, adventures), ...