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Holi Dance


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At the age of 8, Krishna moved from Gokula to Vrindavan and became immensely popular among the Vrindavan people. During the night of Holi (festival of colors), on a full moon and just after spring when the flowers were fully bloomed, Lord Krishna played his flute and began dancing. The harmonious music flowed beautifully and Radha joined him in dance with the Gopis (milkmaids). Together, they danced the night away in a state of exuberance and joy.This song illustrates the playful teasing between Krishna & Radha during Holi festival where Krishna is trying to color Radha and Radha is trying to run away from him to escape being colored.

Credit – Performed by different artists of BLKMS, composed & sung by Vishnu Dutt Sharma, written by Anjaana, recorded at Tara Audio Point in Mathura and videography by Mad Studio SK.

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