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What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital unit of data stored on blockchain technology that is unmodifiable, easily transferable, and traceable. When you buy an image, audio, or video file, the NFT serves as a digital deed or certificate of authenticity that verifies the copy you own is the original digital file. Non-fungible means they are not interchangeable so much of their value comes from scarcity.

What are NFTinies and NFTeenies?

An NFTiny is limited in quantity, just like an NFT, except that it is sold at a lower fixed price point rather than through an auction. It is primarily meant to be a collectible and may include additional content such as a spotlight on other artists, brand advertisements, charitable organizations, and projects. It may include rare digital content or even access to physical goods, events, or promotional items.

An NFTeeny is sold at a much lower fixed price and is meant for a wider distribution for patron engagement. There could be monthly drops of lottery giveaways, surprise digital content, promotional items, voting rights, collaboration opportunities, tickets, and even used as an entry key to VIP memberships or the metaverse.

How will I receive my NFT?

We are happy to send your NFT to your MetaMask crypto wallet.  You can view an instructional video on setting up your own wallet here.  Otherwise, after your purchase, you will receive an email confirming your NFT has been uploaded to your gallery.  Then simply visit your PoA gallery where your digital art is stored and can be viewed.

Is there anything else my NFT will include?

One of the many additional benefits of an NFT is the ability to include additional locked objects that can only be accessed by the owner. These could include surprise content, rare music or videos, interviews from the artist, giveaways, highlights of other artists, and almost anything else you can imagine! NFTs could even include a physical object. The product overview for each NFT will include information on any additional content if included.

How do I store, access, and exhibit my digital collectible?

PoA provides a digital gallery where your NFTs can be stored and viewed. Those with more crypto experience can receive and store your NFT on a digital wallet. You can also display your NFTs in the physical world with frames which exhibit electronic images. Some of the auctions on PoA include physical frames for the winner. To access your gallery, simply create an account.

Do I need crypto to buy an NFT?

We understand most people don’t use crypto (not yet anyway). That’s why we accept major credit cards, in addition to crypto. But, if you prefer using crypto, we’ve included a Coinbase option at checkout.

What are the environmental impacts of NFTs?

PoA is focused on protecting our environment and maintaining a nearly 0% carbon footprint. While other blockchain networks use a security model called Proof-of-Work mining which consumes a lot of energy, we use Palm or Polygon. These NFT-optimized blockchain networks offer a 99%+ reduction in energy consumption so our eco-conscious artists and their fans can rest assured we are doing everything possible to support their NFTs and the environment.

How can I sell my collectible?

There are numerous marketplaces where you can offer your NFT for sale. But to ensure your NFT remains on our eco-friendly blockchain, you can always use the PoA platform to sell your collectible.  Please contact us for additional details.

What is "Gas" and who pays for it?

In traditional Ethereum blockchain transactions, gas is the fee or pricing value associated with conducting a transaction. In general, the busier the network, the higher the fee. Don’t worry, PoA pays all gas fees no matter how busy the network is! For a fun, real-time visual representation of how gas works, check-out txstreet.com.

Winning Bid

Crypto payments will be processed immediately.  However,  credit card processors may limit large amounts paid in dollars.  For the auctioned NFTs, we may facilitate directly with the winners to provide alternative payment to be paid within 24 hours of award notification.  There may be an additional processing fee similar to credit card fees.  If payment is not received within 24 hours, the NFT will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

What is a crypto wallet and how do I get one?

You don’t need a crypto wallet to purchase your NFT, though eventually you may want to get one. A crypto wallet stores the keys required to buy and store cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The public key acts similarly to a shareable bank account number while the private key serves as your crypto wallet password. If you prefer to store your NFT on a crypto wallet, we recommend MetaMask which is one of the most popular wallets for NFTs. You can view an instructional video on setting up your own wallet here.

Refund / Return Policy

Once an NFT is purchased, there are no returns or refunds. However, we are happy to provide guidance on reselling your NFT.