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Peach Birth (Animated)


NFT Type: Animation


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Peach Birth is the first installment in the Story of the Peach 3-piece series.
Type: Animated

Artist: Chris Consani

Animator: Noah Levinson

This item is the only item currently up for auction. The winning bidder will receive the following:

  • A pair of lifetime VIP passes to Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA
  • A guided tour in The Allman Brothers Band’s Big House Museum in Macon, GA
  • A personally-engraved granite brick will live at the museum indefinitely
  • 500 Golden Cap Mushroom Tokens which will serve as access to future fan-club NFT drops exclusive to token owners
  • Comes with the original debut physical frame as used at the GBBC Blockchain Central UNGA NFT showcase


The Allman Brothers Band, in partnership with PoA and MINT Talent Group’s MINT Studios, presents Story of the Peach, a three-piece animated NFT series and collection celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the band’s 1972 platinum album Eat A Peach.

Designed by world-renowned artist Chris Consani and brought to life by animator Noah Levinson (aka thippy trings), the series tells a colorful interpretation and fantastical narrative based on the original artwork found in the sleeve of the Eat A Peach vinyl record. The featured animated NFT titled Peach Birth is the first to be released for auction with the other two never-before-seen pieces releasing in late 2021 and 2022. The artwork will premiere on Friday, September 17th, at the Global Blockchain Business Council’s (GBBC) Blockchain Central event hosted alongside the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City.

The collection additionally contains multiple pieces for sale including the original colored artwork and original black and white concept art of Peach Birth, multiple mini NFTs, and the first batch of The Allman Brothers Band’s official Golden Cap Mushroom Token.

The winning bidder at auction for Peach Birth will additionally receive a pair of lifetime VIP festival passes to the The Allman Brothers Band’s Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA, a guided tour to the group’s Big House Museum in Macon, GA, which will include a personally-engraved granite brick that will live at the museum indefinitely, in addition to an airdrop of 500 Golden Cap Mushroom Tokens which will serve as access to future fan-club NFT drops exclusive to token owners.


Copyright Chris Consani, Noah Levinson & ABB Merchandising Company

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